Gangotri Yatra 4.5

In history the hindu epic says that the king of the Istaku Vansh prayed and done penance on sitting enormous rock. Then bhagirathi came in earth and touched the earth first time , that was the origination of river ganga. The hindu epics and mythological facts says that in “sathyuga” there was a king named as raja sagar. who had 60,000 sons one day they were doing a ‘astramegha yagya’ but devraj indra got afraid to them and for disturbance he knocked off a horse who was the mains of the yagya and tied him in the cottage of a sage kapilmuni, who was doing penance. When the sons of raja sage found the horse in the cottage of kapilmuni they scolded him so bad and the sage get anger and incinrated on them. After some years the grand son anshuman of the princes was trying to get relief from the curse of kapilmuni and had started to do penance but they were not able to relief then kapilmuni said to anshuman thata you have to pray for ganga and she’ll overcome you all from the curse, but he was failed. Then his son tried but he also failed, after this bhagirath son of dilip had the penance of lord shiva and they succeed from that day river gange pioused them and still the river is considered as holiest river in india.

Also after this in 18th century the temple was rebuilt in the main source of gangotri. The ganga came from the cow shaped mount which is known as gaumukh (main origin) and 18km far from the gangotri temple.

Many people believe that the bath of ganga in gangotri origin make your soul pure. And the devotees also come here to pray there soul will for salvation.

After the closing of the gateway of gangotri, The worship happens in mukhaba where a ganga mandir exist in uttarkashi.

• The gangotri is 3140 mtr above from the sea level. The gateway of gangotri opens from the akshaya tritiya paksh in vaisakh (as per hindu’s reliogon). The way of gangotri is very tough because of the heighted hilly way of uttarkashi.

• The gangotri is the origin of the river ganga. Ganga contain so many names like bhagirathi, alaknanda, etc. The gangotri is the first stage of the origin there is a temple based on ganga mata.

• The main place where the ganga river emanation is named as gomukh which is 18 miles far from the gangotri. In gangotri the temple was firstly built by the gurkha’s chief nepalese general Amar singh thapa. The bhagirathi and alaknanda are the two rivers meet in devprayag and the the river get its name ganga from that region.

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  • Location : Haridwar
  • Duration : 9 Nights 10 Days
  • Package: Deluxe
  • Cost : 17,500 PP

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